What I Do

I use a variety of very effective psychological methods to help women to remove emotional blocks & subconscious beliefs to help them to change problematic areas of their lives


I focus on three main issues:

(Some clients come for one issue, whereas other come for a combination)

1) Weight loss/emotional eating

2) Stress & anxiety

3) Dating, relationship & breakup issues


Approx. 95% of our feelings, decisions and actions (and therefore our results) are determined by the beliefs in our subconscious minds. 

Our subconscious minds are incredibly powerful. When it is working for us, it is amazing!

But when it holds us back (due to limiting beliefs) then it can cause a whole heap of problems!

I use a variety of effective psychological techniques to clear emotional blocks that stop clients from looking and feeling the way that they want.

I focus on three areas:

* Weight problems/emotional eating

* Dating, relationship & breakup issues

* Stress & anxiety

During sessions I help clients to:

1) Identify the unique map of their subconscious minds (as everyone has a different map)

2) Identify the beliefs & blocking memories that are stopping them from having the results that they want 

3) Help them to EASILY change all of the beliefs that are holding them back, so that their minds will start to work for them, rather than against them and create amazing results that they want!

Successful Life Sessions


Do you want a better life but don’t know how to make the necessary changes? Is there something that you have always wanted to achieve or experience but you just can’t seem to get it? 

The main reason why you haven’t achieved what you want is because of the beliefs in your subconscious mind. The good news is that I can help you to easily change your psychology, so that your subconscious mind can work for you, instead of against you and create the life that you want. 

I help clients to change their psychology so that they can: 

  • Lose weight easily
  • Improve their relationships
  • Create a successful business
  • Earn more money
  • Stop procrastinating & holding themselves back in life  

Stress & Anxiety Sessions


Do you suffer with stress? 

Do you suffer with anxiety? 

Is stress or anxiety stopping you from being happy? Are you sick and tried of feeling stressed and anxious? 

If you are, you have come to the right place because I can help you to free yourself from the chains of stress and anxiety. 

I use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to help clients & this method is incredibly effective in helping people to reduce anxiety and stress.

I help clients with:

  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Social anxiety
  • General anxiety
  • Agorophobia
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias  

Self Esteem & Self Love Sessions

 Do you secretly feel that you aren’t good enough? Are you tortured by a relentless critical voice in your head (either your voice or someone else’s)?

One of the biggest causes of disappointment, psychological pain, limited success & unhappiness in life…..is low self esteem and a lack of self love. 

Self esteem issues can present themselves in many ways. These include: weight issues, lack of career success, imposter syndrome, bad relationship choices, a lack of boundaries,  perfectionism & workaholism.

 Self esteem issues are caused by the beliefs in a person’s mind. I specialise in identifying and changing these beliefs, so that people can finally be free of the pain of low self esteem and feel good enough!

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