Sessions For Stress & Overwhelm

Stress and overwhelm is caused by the beliefs that someone has in their subconscious minds. The good news is that this can all changed and pretty easily

I use Havening and EFT Tapping to identify and change the emotions, subconscious beliefs and unpleasant memories that are causing people stress and overwhelm.

Once people become less stressed and overwhelmed it often has a positive impact on their wellbeing, their relationships, their health and their lives.

* Please be aware that Havening and EFT cannot cure or heal health problems. It helps to clear emotions that may be preventing healing.

Sessions take place via Zoom or Skype  

For a free 20 minute call to learn how Havening and EFT works and how I can help you just click on the button below to book a call or call or text 07870 843875:  

Cost of Sessions:

1 session (1 hour) for £65 

Personalised hypnotic recording – £95


Service Features

Feature #1

Discover the subconscious cause of your stress

Feature #2

Eliminate subconscious beliefs and emotions that are causing your stress. 

Feature #3

Discover strategies that you can use to help you to reduce stress

Feature #4

Your very own  cheerleader, helping you every step of the way, to create the life that you want

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