Anthony Robbins (arguably the best life coach in the world) argues that human beings have six basic psychological needs. Each one needs to be met before a person is truly happy. The first four are the basics for happiness and the last two are required to propel you to ultimate happiness. If you ever feel uncomfortable in your life then this tends to mean that at least one of the six basic needs (especially the first four) aren’t being met.

Here is a general description of each of the basic psychological needs.

1) Security/comfort

Everyone needs to feel comfortable. This means that they are experiencing pleasure and avoiding pain. This can be physical or mental pain. Comfort is also achieved by experiencing stability and maintaining the status quo and avoiding change. This is because many view change as uncomfortable.

There are two reasons for this:

a) People fear of the unknown and

b) People fear that they will not be able to handle the change in their lives


2) Insecurity/variety/excitement

We all crave a certain level of excitement and variety in our lives. Boredom is another reason why people feel unhappy. We all want a certain level of uncertainty in our lives to balance our need for certainty/security and comfort.

3) Relationships With Others

Human beings are social creatures and we have a basic need to interact/connect/spend time with other people. With regard to all of these needs some are more important to people than others, so some people would have this as their sixth basic need and would only have a few close friends whereas others would have this as their most basic human need, so would have many friends and would be out interacting with people on a regular basis.

4) Feeling Important

Everyone needs to feel important in some shape or form. Some people use their job to make them feel important, others use hobbies or sports, others use friendships and others use relationships. This is possibly the most important of the six basic psychological needs and this is why people become very upset and sometimes aggressive when they don’t think that other people value them.

As I said previously, the first four needs will lead to happiness, but the last two will propel you to ultimate happiness (if the other four have been met first)

5) Growth/Development

To feel incredibly happy, people need to feel that they are growing or developing in some way and not stagnating. Growth in just one important area of their lives, such as their career, relationship or hobby is enough for an individual to feel better about their lives. This is why some people become obsessed with developing one area of their lives. It is because human beings need to feel that they are progressing in some way.

6) Contributing To The World and/or Other Peoples Lives

Anthony Robbins says “The secret to living is giving”

This final need refers to the need to help others and the community. It refers to giving back. Think how you have felt in the past when you have helped someone. Did it feel good? The answer is probably yes and this is why it is one of the two additional needs that can propel people to ultimate happiness!


If you are ever feeling unhappy it is usually because at least one of these basic human psychological needs isn’t being met.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful.

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