• Thinking of making a change in your life but are worried about how it will turn out, so have put off making this change?
  • Have you made a significant change and are worried that you have made the wrong choice?

Both situations are caused by to the fear of the unknown future


Why does it cause us so much stress and what can we do to reduce this stress so that we can take the action necessary to create a better life for ourselves and our families?

The unknown future is something that we cannot control, so we feel usually insecure. As human beings we like to feel a certain amount of security. We experience discomfort when making different decisions because on the one hand we are uncomfortable with how our lives currently are (or we wouldn’t be considering making a change) but on the other hand we feel uncomfortable due to not knowing how the new situation will turn out. We are essentially between a rock and a hard place at this time. We constantly ask ourselves if the new situation will end up being better than the current situation. The problem is that we cannot fully predict how it will go, which can cause some serious discomfort and can prevent us from making vital changes.


However, its not all doom and gloom as there are a few things that you can do to reduce the stress associated with fear of the unknown.

Here are a few suggestions, whether you are considering a change or have already made the change

1      List the positives associated with the unknown future

2      List the negatives of the previous situation that you are moving away from

3      List all of the skills that you have that will help you to make the new situation a success

4     List all of the past experiences that you have had where you feared a new situation and the new situation worked out well. Describe how they worked out well

5      Think of the worst case scenario, and then list all of the ways in which you would handle that scenario

6      List worst case scenarios in the past and list ways that you coped and state exactly what you did to find a way to cope with the situation

7      List all of the people in your life that can help you make the new situation work

8      List experts that can help you with the new situation


All of these activities should help you to reduce the fear of the unknown so that you can make necessary changes in your life, so that you can become happier

I hope this has helped.

Until next time



P.s. Are you thinking of making a change in your life but keep putting it off due to the fear of the unknown? Book a session with me and let me help you to become unstuck and make the changes that you need to make to become happier (emma@themindmermaid.com)



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