Work is an essential part of life as we all need money to live. However, work can be defined as any task or role that earns you money, so work doesn’t necessarily mean that you are traditionally employed.

Work can potentially take up an enormous amount of time so it’s important to do everything that you can to make it a pleasant activity or your mental & possibly physical wellbeing may suffer.


Here are a few ways that you can make your working life more pleasurable:

1) Think of how you can you change your environment, so that you like it more. You could add photos of people that you love, buy a plant, have pretty pictures on the walls or listen to your favourite music (if others are not affected) etc.


2) Do the worst task first thing in the morning so that once it’s out of the way, then the rest of the day is better.


3) Take breaks, even if you don’t want to. It’s amazing how much a short break can refresh you.


4) If you don’t get on with a colleague, rather than think of how you can “win” against them, focus on how you can get on with them. Don’t see this as losing, see your lower stress levels as a “win”


5) If there are certain things about your job that you don’t like, ask your boss if there is anything that they can do to make changes. Many people suffer in silence about things as they assume that their boss won’t do anything about their situation. If you don’t ask, you will never know if something could be done to improve your situation or not.


6) Drop the need to be perfect. Perfectionists cannot feel comfortable until everything that they have done is perfect. They usually produce excellent results and this can be addictive but aiming to produce perfect results all of the time can be time consuming (so not particularly efficient) and stressful.


7) Focus on the positive aspects of the job. Write them down and look at the list every now and then to remind yourself that things aren’t that bad.


8) Consider how you can make unpleasant tasks a little more pleasant. Can you listen to music while you do a task? Can you do the task in bite size chunks throughout the day rather than in one go? Can you do the task in a more pleasant environment?


9) If you feel overwhelmed with any tasks, ask yourself if there is anyone who could help you with the task to make it more manageable.


10) Declutter your desk/office. A decluttered environment normally means a clear mind, which makes it much easier to work


I hope you’ve found this blog useful.

Until next time…


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