A breakup is always difficult. It can hurt like hell for a fair while and everyday can feel like an absolute lifetime. It can take a while to get over a breakup but this process can be speeded up considerably if you avoid some key mistakes. Here are the 7 most common mistakes people make after a breakup. Do you recognise any of them?


The Seven Key mistakes That People Make After A Breakup 


1) Panic, cling on and start using all of your energy thinking of all of the ways in which you can get him back, even though the relationship wasn’t working


2) Constantly ask yourself negative questions, which results in you feeling bad about yourself


3) Continue to see your ex on a regular basis as “friends” as a way of keeping your chances alive, because you have the intention of getting back with your ex. This rarely works. It often results in people being disappointed in the end and annoyed with themselves fro easting their own time.


4) Become obsessed with battling with your ex, either by arguing or focusing on how you can get revenge


5) Start a relationship with someone new (anyone), to feel better about yourself, without dealing with the hurt caused by the previous relationship


6) View the relationship with rose tinted glasses and become depressed about the “loss”


7) Don’t use the time after a breakup wisely


Don’t worry if you have made any of these mistakes. Most people have made them so you’re not alone. All of them are totally understandable as our subconscious minds see ways to feel comfortable and to avoid pain. All of these mistakes are caused by our minds thinking that they are helping in some way. To be fair many of these mistakes make us feel better in the short term but they often cost us in the long term,


On way to feel better right now is to change your perspective and write them off as learning experiences. Ask yourself what can I learn from this experience, so that I have a happier future.


If you are currently going through a breakup and you want to find a way to feel better right now, I use EFT to help people to clear the painful emotions that they are feeling. If you want to know more, we can have a 15 min chat to see how I can help you in the next week. Email me at emma@theeftmremaid.com or call 07870 843875.

I hope this helps in some way.

Until next time

Emma x

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