One of the main reasons why people struggle to lose weight is because of the foods that they eat. One of the most common reasons why people eat weight gaining foods is to deal with the emotions that they feel. This is also known as emotional eating.

EFT, which is also known as Tapping is an incredibly effective way to change the emotions and beliefs that a person has. If someone is an emotional eater, once they change their emotions, it is highly likely that they will eat differently, which in turn increases their chances of losing weight.



What does EFT do?


EFT essentially does three things:

1) It reduces stress. It does this by sending calming messages to the amygdala in the brain, which is responsible for the fear response. Tapping also helps to reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone that is released when people are stressed. With regard to emotional eating, if you are less stressed, you are less likely to eat.


2) It changes the subconscious beliefs that create people’s emotions. As beliefs (and emotions) determine our behaviour, once a limiting belief is cleared, the person is highly likely to behave differently. This is why EFT tapping can be very effective at stopping emotional eating. It clears the need to eat certain foods, at the root cause, which is a belief.


3) It can clear the emotional pain from memories. Another cause of emotional eating is painful memories from the past. For example, if someone didn’t feel loved as a child, they may be turning to chocolate, cakes and alcohol for comfort. EFT tapping techniques can help to clear the painful emotion from a memory, so that the person feels better.

* However, at this point I must state that it is important that people consider seeking the assistance of an EFT practitioner (or other professionals), if they want to tap on traumatic memories, situations or beliefs.

The even better news about EFT tapping is that once people learn how to do it, they can use it as a self-help tool. They can therefore help themselves to calm down, when they feel stressed.



How Can It Help YOU With Your Weight Loss Journey?


Here are some ways that EFT can help you on your weight loss journey

  • Reduce or eliminate cravings
  • Reduces stress (which may be encouraging you to eat)
  • Changes negative beliefs about dieting and deprivation
  • Changes negative beliefs about healthy food
  • Reduces or eliminates anger
  • Helps you to overcome any beliefs that stop you from creating a more interesting life and connecting more with others
  • Changes negative beliefs about yourself and your ability to lose weight to positive, empowering ones.


I hope this has helped.

Emma xxx

If you would like help to stop emotionally eating. Book a discovery session with me to see how I can help you to change your emotions and beliefs. Email me at or call 07870 843875

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