Your mind is a very powerful tool and it can work for you or it can work against you. It depends on how you train it. If left to its own devices, it will work according to your past conditioning, often from your childhood experiences. However, if you instruct it to, your mind can make you very happy. This will initially take effort as your new instructions have to override your previous conditioning, as your mind will use this first, simply because it is used to doing so.

Unfortunately many of us live in negative societies where it is acceptable and often considered beneficial for us to criticise ourselves and others. The effect of this is that many people don’t feel good enough as a result.

However, the good news is that the negativity that we encounter from ourselves (and others) can be overridden by self-talk. This is the statements that we say to ourselves. As part of self-talk we can learn to ask ourselves positive questions. These are questions that ask the mind to search for positive answers, which will make us happier.

Here are some questions that help our minds find positive answers only. Ask yourself these questions on a daily basis to feel better about yourself. It’s best to write down the answers as writing positive answers down increases their effectiveness as you are more likely to remember them.

  • What is good about me?
  • What are my strengths?
  • Who likes me?
  • Who makes an effort with me?
  • What characteristics do I have that make me a good friend?
  • What good things have I done for friends in the past?
  • How am I a good partner?
  • What have I achieved in the past?
  • How am I a good parent?
  • What skills have I used in the past to achieve the things that I have?
  • How have I helped people in the past?
  • What do I like about my appearance?

These are just a few examples of positive questions, there are many more…….

Do you see how these questions cannot fail to make your mind search for positive answers, which in turn will make you feel better about yourself. These types of questions encourage your mind to focus your attention on gathering positive information about yourself and stops you from searching for negative information about yourself.

  • What positive questions would you like to keep asking yourself?
  • What can you do each day to train your mind to search for positive information about you and help you to become happier?

I hope this has helped

Until next time…..



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