Emotional Freedom Technique and Havening® are two of the methods that I use in my emotional wellbeing practice, where I specialise in relationship issues and emotional eating.

I use these methods because they can be used to change feelings, beliefs and unpleasant or traumatic memories, that are causing the client problems.

These methods can have an incredibly positive effect on the person that uses them.


Here are some of the benefits clients gain from having emotional wellbeing sessions involving these life changing methods:

  • They feel truly listened to
  • They have time and space for themselves
  • They have the opportunity to share their secret thoughts with someone
  • They have the opportunity to process their thoughts and emotions in a safe and non-judgmental space
  • They understand with precision why they behave the way that they do.
  • They feel far calmer
  • They release negative emotions, which leads them to feel so much better
  • They become free from the pain of unpleasant/traumatic memories, that for some people, have haunted them for years
  • They learn two incredibly effective techniques that they can use for life, to help them with their emotional wellbeing
  • They learn two life changing techniques that enable them to help their children to feel better and navigate some of the challenges of life
  • They start to feel and behave differently, which in turn, leads to them to having a better life in so many ways!


My clients absolutely love EFT and Havening®. They love the fact that they can feel differently so quickly and effortlessly. When clients work on healing unpleasant memories they are usually surprised and pleased that the process is so gentle and in many cases, enjoyable, especially when Havening is used, as it often involves positive distraction tasks.

I have had many clients utter the words “that was amazing” or “that was so powerful” after working on clearing unpleasant memories that they have had for years. They are also ecstatic and relived that they are finally free from being haunted by them.

All of my clients use these two methods in between sessions. Some have said that the methods are life changing for both themselves and their families!

If you’re interested in finding out more about sessions, email me at emma@themindmermaid.com

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