I specialise in helping women to do the inner work so that they can resolve relationship problems (including dating and breakup issues) and emotional eating.

I focus on helping women to look at their own subconscious minds (their beliefs and memories) to see how it is preventing them from having what they want and then to make the necessary inner changes, so that their lives will improve.


I help women who:

  • Are finding the dating world difficult
  • Want to improve their relationship
  • Want to get over a painful breakup
  • Want to stop overeating


Who Can I Help Specifically:

  • Women who are self-reflective
  • Women who want to change
  • Women who recognise that their thoughts or behaviour may be stopping them from having the relationship that they want
  • Women who want to do the inner work (i.e. look at their beliefs)
  • Women who are prepared to work on changing their beliefs
  • Women who recognise that doing the inner work is a process and will take time


Who I Can’t Help:

  • Women who don’t want to look within
  • Women who don’t want to change
  • Women who think that other people are the problem
  • Women who focus on finding ways to change other people
  • Women who want a quick fix in a couple of sessions


Here are some examples of who I can help:


  • Women who keep dating men that disappoint them or don’t treat them well and they want to break this pattern
  • Women who want a partner but also avoid men, as they have been hurt before
  • Women who view the dating world negatively



  • Women who know that they have issues from their childhoods which are having a negative impact on their relationship, and they want to resolve it
  • Women who are annoyed/angry at their partners
  • Women who don’t know what they can do to improve their relationship
  • Women who feel needy in a relationship and want to feel more secure
  • Women who find it difficult to connect with their partner
  • Women who want to end a relationship but don’t feel that they can



  • Women that are devastated that the relationship is over
  • Women who are angry at their ex
  • Women who feel that they don’t know who they are now that they are single
  • Women who hate being single



  • Women that can’t stop eating certain foods
  • Women that use food to help them to cope when they are stressed, bored or lonely

Do you need help with any of these problems? Are you interested in finding out how your mind causing you problems and how ti can change so that you can feel better and have a better life? Email me at emma@themindmermaid.com

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